Moralising the global marketplace


Peter van Dam 


Members of the research group

Peter van Dam 


Description of the research programme of the research group

How have citizens tried to change the morals of the global marketplace? At a time when the moral dimension of the marketplace is heavily contested, this research group aims to provide an impulse for the public debate and for research on prevailing attempts to reform market relations. Initiatives to make trade more fair show how citizens have organised themselves to reform international market relations. This research group charts the development of visions of a moral marketplace and the changing ways in which activists have shaped organisations to put these visions into practice. The impact of globalisation becomes tangible in these attempts to reform the marketplace. Thus, in presenting the history of these civic initiatives, the research group provides a much-needed understanding of the evolving visions of a just global marketplace, the actions taken by citizens to establish it and the limitations of such endeavours.


Envisaged results

  • Scholarly articles on the history of social movements aiming to moralize economic relations
  • Creating an international network of scholars working on similar topics
  • Developing perspectives for innovative research on the subject of moralization of markets
  • A monograph on the history of the Dutch fair trade movement


Work plan and time schedule

During 2016 and 2017, the focus will be to synthesize research on the fair trade movement in the Netherlands, as well as developing perspectives for future research


Societal relevance

See Description of Research programme.

Published by  Amsterdam School of Historical Studies

28 April 2016