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dr. K.C. (Kit) Morrell

Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Geschiedenis

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    Kit Morrell is a postdoctoral researcher working on the Anchoring Innovation project ‘Roman women: legal changes and finances’. Her research examines the impact of the Augustan marriage legislation on the legal and financial freedom of Roman women and the (dis)continuities between the Augustan reforms and earlier law and practice.

    Kit completed her PhD at the University of Sydney in 2014, where she was a research associate and sessional teacher in the Department of Classics and Ancient History, before joining the University of Amsterdam. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons I) and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons I) from the University of Sydney.


    Research interests

    Roman history; Roman law; provincial governance; ethics and exemplarity; Roman women



    Morrell, K. (2017) Pompey, Cato, and the Governance of the Roman Empire, Oxford University Press.

    Edited Book

    Ridley, R. T., with B. Marshall and K. Morrell (2016) Fifty Treasures. Classical Antiquities in Australian and New Zealand Universities, Australasian Society for Classical Studies.

    Journal Articles

    Morrell, K. (2015) ‘Cato, Caesar, and the Germani’, Antichthon 49, 73–93.

    Morrell, K. (2014) ‘Cato and the courts in 54 B.C.’, Classical Quarterly 64, 669–81.

    Chapters in Books

    Morrell, K. (2018) ‘Cato, Pompey’s third consulship and the politics of Milo’s trial’, in H. van der Blom, C. Gray, and C. Steel (eds), Institutions and Ideology in Republican Rome: Speech, Audience and Decision, Cambridge University Press, 165–80.

    Morrell, K. (2018) ‘“Certain gentlemen say…” Cicero, Cato, and the debate on the validity of Clodius’ laws’, in C. Gray, A. Balbo, R. Marshall, and C. Steel (eds), Reading Republican Oratory: Reconstructions, Contexts, Receptions, Oxford University Press, 191–210.

    Morrell, K. (2015) ‘Appian and the judiciary law of M. Livius Drusus (tr. pl.91)’, in K. Welch (ed.), Appian’s Roman History: Empire and Civil War, Classical Press of Wales, 235–55.

    Forthcoming (Select)

    Morrell, K., Osgood, J., and Welch, K. (eds), The Alternative Augustan Age, Oxford University Press (USA).

    Morrell, K., ‘Augustus as magpie’, in The Alternative Augustan Age (as above).

    Morrell, K., ‘“Who wants to go to Alexandria?” Pompey, Ptolemy, and public opinion, 57–56 BC’, in C. Rosillo López (ed.), Communicating Public Opinion in the Roman Republic, Historia Einzelschriften.

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