Grant Arie van Steensel for "Historisch Leiden in Kaart"

3 February 2016

Arie van Steensel and Roos van Oosten (Leiden University) received a grant (€10.000) from DANS for a Small Data Project. The grant will be used to further develop a digital historical map of the town of Leiden, for which they were awarded an AlfaMeerwaarde-grant by NWO last year. The online application ‘Historisch Leiden in kaart’ will offer a digital infrastructure, which can be used by scholars and others to map historical data on various geo-referenced maps. Various tools to analyse, link and store historical data and maps will also be developed. HISGIS (Leeuwarden) and Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken are partners in this project.

Published by  ACUH