Heritage, Memory, Art, and Agency

03Nov2017 05Nov2017


The CHAT (Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory) 2017 conference on 'Heritage, Memory, Art, and Agency' is organised in cooperation with the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM).

The conference will explore the relationship between contemporary and historical archaeology and cultural memory narratives. It will take an interdisciplinary approach to artefacts and people, examining the agency of art, and how humans, material culture, and non-human actors interact to form identities, and create, perpetuate, and or challenge social hierarchies, taboos, and a sense of place. It will discuss the relationship between past and present, especially regarding heritage’s impact on the lived experience and how and in what ways archaeological research impacts society.

The CHAT registration opened on 5 December 2016. The fee is €50 for waged and €25 for unwaged participants and students.

Conference Organisation: Prof. James Symonds (UvA) (Chair), Dr. Ihab Saloul (UvA), Lindsay Morehouse (UvA), Nour Munawar (UvA).

Published by  Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture