PhD defence: Willem Flinterman

07July2017 11:00


Willem Flinterman, ASH PhD candidate, will defend his dissertation entitled 'The Cult of Qalāwūn. Waqf, Commemoration, and Dynasty in early Mamluk Cairo, ca. 1280-1340' supervised by Professor Guy Geltner and Professor Maaike van Berkel (Radboud Universiteit)

Wafq is the Arabic word used to describe Islamic pious endowments or foundations. These kinds of foundations allowed wealthy patrons to supersede central government in providing education, poverty relief and fresh water. In his research, Willem Flinterman focuses on the political flip-side of this practice, investigating the partisan and political interests at play in the establishments of private waqf, and how these played a role in the establishment of the Qalāwūnid dynasty.

Venue: Aula - Lutherse Kerk

Published by  Amsterdam School of Historical Studies