Workshop 'Digitizing Visual Memories in Architecture'

28 May 2015

On 9-10 June 2015, the workshop 'Digitizing Visual Memories in Architecture: Rome and Amsterdam' will be held at the NIAS Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in Wassenaar. The workshop is organized by Prof. Patricia Lulof (staff member ASHMS) and Prof. Lex Bosman (staff member ASCH).

In this workshop the usage of visual digital research tools to clarify patterns in the transformations of buildings, from antiquity until the modern era, will be explored. The focus will be on two sets of monuments, one in and around Rome, the second in Amsterdam. A twofold geographical focus –Italy/Rome and the Netherlands/Amsterdam – and the diachronologic organization – pagan Antiquity, the Christian Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Early Modern era – will enable the speakers and the audience to make comparisons, to reflect on differences and similarities, and, in the end, analyze trends, structures and patterns, both in the realities that are studied and in the collaborative efforts of specialists in various fields or disciplines.

Twenty national and international speakers will give presentations during the workshop.