New book by Jeroen van Zanten: 'Waterloo. 200 jaar strijd'

8 May 2015

On 9 June 2015 'Waterloo. 200 jaar strijd' by Ben Schoenmaker (UL), Jurriën de Jong (CBS) and Jeroen van Zanten (ASCH) will appear. The book is a collaboration between Uitgeverij Boom and the Ministry of Defence.

This June it is exactly 200 years ago that the Battle of Waterloo was fought near Waterloo in present-day Belgium. Many English, French and German books, films and documentaries have appeared about the battle, but much less attention has been paid to it in the Netherlands and Belgium. This is intriguing as both the Dutch and Belgians also fought in the battle and their part in it was much greater than is often assumed.Their story is told in this richly illustrated book.

The book will be presented at the Rijksmuseum, followed by the opening of a presentation Eyewitnesses of Waterloo, which can be seen from 3 June to 27 September 2015 in the Waterloo hall (“Waterloo-zaal”) of the Rijksmuseum. 

On 25 June Jeroen van Zanten will also give a lecture about the Battle of Waterloo at the Rijksmuseum.

He is also a keynote speaker at the international conference A War of No Common Description on The Transnational Reception of Waterloo in the 19th Century on 18-19 June 2015 at KU Leuven/Campus Brussels.

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