ASCH welcomes two new Veni laureates

21 August 2015

Marlena Whiting (Ancient History) and Tessel Bauduin (History of Art and Culture) have been awarded a Veni grant from the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for research that they will carry out at the UvA.

The Veni is aimed at researchers who have recently obtained their PhD and who demonstrate a striking talent for scientific research. This year a total of 1124 researchers applied for a Veni grant from NWO, of which 161 were successful. Each researcher will receive up to €250,000. With a Veni grant, they can carry out research for up to three years.

Project descriptions

Marlena Whiting:  Gendering sacred space: female networks, patronage and ritual experience in early Christian pilgrimage
Many of the earliest Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land were women. Their stories survive to this day, but scholars have so far not considered how their gender shaped their experiences. This project will investigate how women performed pilgrimage and experienced their encounters with the sacred in the Early Christian centuries.

Tessel Bauduin:  The Middle Ages in surrealism

Last century, the Middle Ages were rediscovered by surrealists like Dalí. This project explores why the surrealists appreciated Medieval art, like the work of Hieronymus Bosch, and examines their efforts to position it as new and modern.