Alfa Meerwaarde awards to Petra Brouwer and Arie van Steensel

16 October 2015

ASH researchers dr Petra Brouwer and dr Arie van Steensel have been awarded an 'Alfa Meerwaarde' grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

NWO awarded funding to 13 teams of humanities researchers and public/private partners. Two grants were awarded to ASH researchers Petra Brouwer and Arie van Steensel (together with his colleague Roos van Oosten, UL). A summary of their projects (in Dutch) can be found on the NWO website.

About the Alfa Meerwaarde Programme

The aim of NWO's Alfa Meerwaarde is to facilitate public-private partnerships in the area of humanities research. With the funding, teams of researchers and public/private partners can set up a new consortium, but also strengthen and/or consolidate an existing partnership.

NWO always contributes 15.000 euros of the total budget. The partner must contribute at least 3.000 euros. In this round NWO awarded an overall total of 195.000 euros.