New source edition by Lina Weber

The Economic Writings of Isaak Iselin

20 April 2016

Edited by historian and ASH member Lina Weber, this book assembles for the first time the most important economic writings of the Basle Enlightened author Isaak Iselin and puts them into their Swiss and European contexts.

The assembled texts show Iselin’s engagement with eighteenth-century discussions about the modern world of international trade, economic success, and the resulting growth of inequality. In his contributions to the debate about luxury and its impact on morality and virtue of citizens, Iselin tried to mediate between radical proponents and opponents of luxury by stressing that wealth, if used in the right way, could have positive effects. His Versuch über die gesellige Ordnung from 1772 is his first and most important publication after his adoption of French physiocracy. Here, Iselin tries to formulate universal principles for the economic prosperity of civil societies that rest on a balance between agriculture, industry, and trade.

This edition is part of a project on Iselin’s collected writings. Two other volumes on his political and educational publications have already been published in this series.

Isaak Iselin: Gesammelte Schriften. Kommentierte Ausgabe. Volume 2: Schriften zur Ökonomie. Edited by Lina Weber, with the assistance of Carmen Götz. Basel: Schwabe 2016.

ISBN 978-3-7965-3442-3

Published by  Amsterdam School of Historical Studies