Special Issue JHNA: The Sublime and Seventeenth-Century Netherlandish Art

1 June 2016

The Special Issue of the Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art (ed. Stijn Bussels and Bram van Oostveldt) is now online! The issue is entirely devoted to the sublime and seventeenth-century art from the Netherlands.

At first sight, the choice to link the sublime to Dutch art from the Golden Age might look a bit odd: the unsettling nature of the sublime seems dificult to relate to the persistent image of Dutch art as a distinctly worldly art, famous for its realism and its portraying of every-day life. Nonetheless, the very early and original reception of especially the Longinian sublime in Dutch Humanist circles (Heinsius an Junius) and a 'sublime sensitivity' in painterly practice, gives us a possibility to reconsider Dutch art from the Golden Age in terms of the unsettling, the disturbing, the terrifying, the transporting and the overwhelming.

Contributors are: Caroline van Eck (Leiden -Cambridge), Hanneke Grootenboer (Oxford), Walter Melion (Emory), Ralph Dekoninck & Annick Delfosse (Louvain-La-Neuve & Liège), Jan Blanc (Genève), Frans-Willem Korsten (Leiden) Thijs Weststeijn (UvA), Joanna Sheers Seidenstein (Frick Collection -New York University) and Lorne Darnell (Leiden).

The Special Issue is part of the larger ERC Research program Elevated Minds: The Sublime and the Public Arts in Seventeenth-Century Paris and Amsterdam (2013-2018, Leiden University)



Published by  ASCA