Call for Papers: Gothic Modernisms

29 November 2016

The conference ‘Gothic Modernisms’ forms the culminating event in a trilogy of conferences investigating the modern and modernist reception of Northern medieval and Renaissance masters in Europe, beginning with ‘Primitive Renaissances’ (National Gallery, London: 2014) and continuing with ‘Visions of the North’ (Compton Verney Museum, UK: 2016). This conference will take place at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, on 29 and 30 June 2017.

Gothic Modernisms will focus on the (global) legacies, histories and contested identities of Northern European Gothic/early-modern visual cultures in modernity and, in particular, on identities of modernism, including avant-gardes.

The conference aims to develop both a broad perspective in relation to gothic modernisms and a deepening of the issues—methodological, theoretical, aesthetic, archival—pertinent to this subject. In particular, we seek papers which pose fresh questions about the modern reception and practices of medieval art in institutions and museums, as well as in art, art historiographies, art writings and broader visual-cultural contexts.

Papers/panels are invited in (but not limited to) the following suggested areas:

  • Gothic Identities/Empires: Latin, Germanic, Teutonic, Nordic Gothics at the ‘tournant de siècle’
  • ‘Gothic’ cartographies and national revivals in 19th-/early 20th- century exhibitions, art, art writing
  • Challenging periodicity; histories, Gothic rewritings, cultural memories/monuments – towards a ‘Gothic present’; the Northern Gothic Modern ‘Genius’
  • Museal Gothics: Collecting/ Exhibiting/ Photographing/ Displaying Gothic modernities/ Renaissances
  • Gothic sites and modernity – pilgrimages, rituals of art
  • (Imagined) Gothic sites in expressionist, surrealist, or other avant-gardist film and photography
  • Rooted/Transnational-cosmopolitan Gothic modernisms/communities of art (late 19th and 20th centuries)
  • Nordic Gothic modernities
  • Cathedrals of art/culture: architectures, design, cities – Gothic Modern citadels/ spaces and avant-gardes
  • ‘Neo-Gothic’ Modernities in architecture
  • New ‘Dark Ages’ and Gothic alterities
  • The uncanny presence of the ‘gothic’ in avant-gardes
  • Gothic modernist spiritualisms: modernist artist/writer monastics: Zealots, Hedonists, Saints, Martyrs
  • Gothic Modern bodies in modernist art and visual cultures
  • Migrating-transitional objects/Gothic relics/taboo
  • Gothic ‘Others’ and the silences of history

Proposals of max. 300 words should be sent to both: and by 20 December 2016.

Published by  Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture