Keetje Hodshon (1768-1829) by Maarten Hell and Els Kloek is published

24 March 2017

Cornelia Catharina (‘Keetje’) Hodshon is known for the Hodshon House in Haarlem, which is named after her: a stately and at the time very modern building on the river Spaarne, which today houses the renowned Royal Dutch Society of Science (khmw). Keetje Hodshon commissioned the building in 1791, she was 22 at the time. What possessed a young woman in the revolutionary years at the end of the eighteenth century to commission a house for herself containing more than forty rooms?

Els Kloek and Maarten Hell look for answers in Keetje Hodshon (1768-1829) to this and other questions about the mysterious life of this eccentric Haarlem lady, the most wealthy woman in the city, who donated cannons and a warship to the patriotic reform movement and chose the individual life of a bachelorette in a house several times too large.

Keetje Hodshon (1768-1829) was commissioned by the Hodshonhuis; the book is a co-publication of the khmw and Vantilt Publishers.

Published by  Amsterdam School of Historical Studies