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PhD programme

Regulations for obtaining a PhD at the UvA

The UvA and Faculty Regulations for PhD candidates provide essential information on doing a PhD at the Amsterdam School of Historical Studies.

Faculty of Humanities regulations

The Faculty regulations cover the following aspects: the PhD candidate’s position in the organisation, the Training and Supervision plan (Opleidings- en begeleidingsplan: OBP), progress reports and assessment, completion, extension, facilities available for PhD candidates, participation in decision-making, and dispute settlement.

Faculty Regulations for PhD Candidates

UvA regulations

The Doctorate Regulations set out the procedures, tasks and responsibilities associated with obtaining a PhD degree at the UvA. Note that candidates must have any foreign academic degrees evaluated by the university’s Doctorate Board to ensure that these are equivalent to Dutch degrees.

UvA Doctorate Regulations

All documents and forms required for admission and completion of the doctoral programme at the UvA can be found here.