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Assessment procedure pilot study

The pilot study is evaluated by the supervisors, an external reader and the Vice-director of ASH. On the basis of the evaluations, the Vice-director decides whether or not the pilot study is of the required quality. The PhD candidate will be informed of whether or not the pilot is considered of satisfactory quality at the end of the evaluation meeting.

In case of a positive evaluation, the PhD candidate receives an assessment report in which the pilot study is deemed satisfactory on the basis of which the employment contract is extended for the full contract period.

If the Vice-director decides the pilot study is not up to standard, the PhD candidate is given 4 weeks to revise the pilot study. After the revised pilot is submitted, it is evaluated again by the supervisors, external reader and Vice-director. Subsequently, the PhD candidate receives an assessment report in which the pilot study is either deemed satisfactory (in this case, the employment contract will be extended for the rest of the contract period) or unsatisfactory (in this case, the candidate’s contract will not be extended). A second evaluation meeting will take place in which the PhD candidate can respond to the assessment report. If the meeting does not change the Vice-director’s decision, the procedure to not extend the PhD candidate’s contract is started. The PhD candidate is informed at least 1 month before the end of the contract that it will not be extended.