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Arrangement of evaluation meeting and submission of pilot study

The ASH Office contacts the supervisors, the external reader, the PhD candidate and Vice-director at least two months in advance to set a date and time for the evaluation meeting and to ask the candidate to submit the pilot study, the table of contents and the time schedule. Ideally, all supervisors are present at the evaluation meeting; if this is not possible, the absent supervisor is expected to send a written assessment by email.

The PhD candidate submits the pilot study, together with a table of contents for the dissertation and a time schedule for its completion to the supervisors, the external reader, and the ASH Vice-director at least two weeks before the evaluation meeting by email with all the addressees visible, so the office can check it has been sent to all those involved in the evaluation.

The total duration of the evaluation meeting is roughtly 1 hour. During the first 10 minutes, the PhD candidate and Vice-director speak in private about the PhD candidate's overall progress. At the same time the supervisors and external reader have a preliminary discussion of the pilot study in a separate room. The two parties come together for the remainder of the meeting to discuss the pilot study. The external reader briefly presents his/her written comments, followed by the PhD candidate's response and further discussion. At the end of the evaluation meeting the PhD candidate is told whether or not the pilot is considered of satisfactory quality.