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PhD programme

External reader

The ASH Office contacts the supervisors to suggest an external reader. Preferably, this is a staff member with expertise in the area of the dissertation who is not directly involved in the PhD candidate’s project. Once the external reader has been approved by the Director, the ASH Office approaches the external reader and secures their cooperation. The external reader also attends the evaluation meeting.

The external reader is asked to read the pilot study and to write a brief assessment report in which s/he comments on the criteria as stated above. The assessment report should indicate whether, on the basis of the pilot study, the external reader thinks the PhD candidate will be able to produce a defendable dissertation within the contract period.

The external reader sends the assessment report to the supervisors, the Director of the Research School and the ASH office at least five days before the evaluation meeting.

The ASH Office communicates the content of the external reader’s assessment to the PhD candidate before the evaluation meeting.