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Sjak Rutten, ASH PhD candidate, will defend the dissertation entitled 'De leesvader van Nederland. Frater Caesarius Mommers en zijn betekenis voor het leesonderwijs' supervised by Prof. James Kennedy.

Detail Summary
Date 19 February 2019
Time 10:00
Location Agnietenkapel

The Reading Father of the Netherlands. Brother Caesarius Mommers and his significance for reading education

This biography describes the life and work of brother Caesarius Mommers (1925–2007). Brother Caesarius Mommers has become known as the man who developed “Veilig Leren Lezen” (Learning to Read Safely). This reading method for beginning reading with the initial words boom–roos–vis was published for the first time in 1960 under the name of “Zò leren lezen” (This is the way to learn reading). In the 1970s it reached a market share of 90% in the Netherlands. In 2017, ten years after brother Caesarius had died, still eight in ten children learn reading with “Veilig Leren Lezen”. It is unique in Dutch education that an educational method has maintained such a dominant position for such a long time. In the Netherlands there is freedom of education and all schools are free to choose their methods. In other subjects there are more educational methods on the market, the market leader seldom reaches more than one quarter of the schools and the various methods are changing much more rapidly. Brother Caesarius is considered the most successful developer of educational methods in the history of Dutch education.


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