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Film Heritage in Practice is a six-session series at EYE offering insight into what happens behind the scenes in film archives, museums and cinemas. Each session will cover a different topic and feature an introductory lecture by Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator at EYE and Professor of Film Heritage at the UvA), followed by an extended Q&A with an invited (inter)national expert on the session’s topic and a film screening.

Picture 'Physique diabolique'
Physique diabolique (FR, 1912), Collection EYE Filmmuseum


#1 Found Footage: Bill Morrison’s Dawson City: Frozen Time.

Wednesday, March 14, 15:30

This lecture will focus on various practices that make use of found footage film. Bill Morrison will address and present his documentary Dawson City: Frozen Time, featuring archival footage from the infamous Dawson City collection.

#2 Large Film Formats: Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm

 Wednesday, March 28, 15:30

This session will address the recent revival of large film formats. René Wolf, Head of Acquisitions & Programmer at EYE will present one of his latest acquisitions: a new restoration of Lawrence of Arabia (1962) on 70mm.

#3 Film Projection: The Dying of the Light.

Wednesday, April 11, 15:30

This session will offer any cinema visitor insights into the generally invisible world of the film booth. Former projectionist Leenke Ripmeester will speak about her personal experience with projecting films.

#4 Colour in Film: The Technicolor Reference Collection Show.

Wednesday, April 25, 15:30

This session will focus on the magnificent world of colour in film, and more specifically on Technicolor. Michael Pogorzelski (Director of the Academy Film Archive) will address and showcase the ‘Reference Collection’.

#5 Silent Cinema: The Polish Dancer

Wednesday, May 9, 15:30

This lecture will be dedicated to the challenges of restoring and presenting silent films. Elżbieta Wysocka, Head of Film Restoration & Digital Repository at FINA, will discuss and present the recent restoration of The Polish Dancer (1917).

#6 Film Restoration Laboratories: Cinemateca Portuguesa

Wednesday, May 16, 15:30

This session will focus on the work of film laboratories. Tiago Ganhão, film restorer at the Cinemateca Portuguesa, will discuss the laboratory’s history and expertise.

In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA).