Modern History Group


Elizabeth Buettner

Members of the group

  • Nanci Adler
  • George Blaustein
  • Elizabeth Buettner
  • Ruud van Dijk
  • Alex Drace-Francis
  • Moritz Föllmer
  • Merel Klein
  • Daniël Knegt
  • Samuël Kruizinga
  • Vincent Kuitenbrouwer
  • Merel Leeman
  • Marianne van Leeuwen
  • Rimko van der Maar
  • Willem Melching
  • Christina Morina
  • Remco Raben
  • Natalie Scholz
  • Ingrid de Zwarte

Description of the research programme of the research group

The Modern History Research Group aims to take stock of broad‐ranging themes central to current historical research on the period between c. 1800 and the present in order to explore where scholarship and teaching might most productively head in the future.  Established in mid-2014, the group launched a ‘New Directions in Modern History’ Workshop Series—focused events that aim to feature contributions by group members, colleagues and research students at the UvA from History and other departments, scholars based at other Dutch universities, and a selection of invited international participants.  Among other activities, ‘New Directions’ workshops allow us to develop mutual research interests, consolidate the modern historical research now being done within the UvA, and discuss fruitful follow‐up collaborations and initiatives.  Core interests of the Modern History Research Group include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Transnational Approaches to Dutch and European Histories
  • Global, International, and Imperial History
  • Cultural Transfers Across Border

Published by  Amsterdam School of Historical Studies

23 May 2016