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dr. R. (Ruud) van Dijk PhD

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History of International Relations: Teaching

I teach courses in the history of recent international relations, but also in German history and American Studies (in Dutch and English). I am also the coordinator of the BA and MA programs in the History of International Relations.
MA seminars:
Colloquium Geschiedenis van de Internationale Betrekkingen
Koude Oorlog Crises (Cold War Crises)
From Quasi War to the War on Terror: U.S. Domestic Responses to Foreign Policy Crises ("American Scares")
From Colony to Superpower: United States Foreign Relations since 1776
BA seminars:
Duitsland tussen Oost en West, 1923-1953 (Germany between East and West)
De Vroege Koude Oorlog, 1945-1953 (The Early Cold War)
Lecture courses:
The Global Cold War and the Making of Our Times
Geschiedenis van de Internationale Betrekkingen (History of International Relations)

History of International Relations: Research

My research has focused on the role of Germany in the Cold War, for example the East-West struggle over Germany's future between 1945 and 1953/5.
Another project isthe launch of Ostpolitik (1969-1970)as seenfrom the Nixon White House.
Together with four colleagues and MTM Publishing in New York, I have published the Encyclopedia of the Cold War (Routledge, 2008).
My most recent publications concern Konrad Adenauer's impact on the Federal Republic of Germany.
My current research is on the Dutch role in NATO's 1979 Dual-Track decision on Theater Nuclear Forces (the "Euromissiles" crisis of the late 1970s and early 1980s).

Having something to say


  • van Dijk, R. (2012). 'A mass psychosis': the Netherlands and NATO’s dual-track decision, 1978-1979. Cold War History, 12(3), 381-405. DOI: 10.1080/14682745.2011.621750  [details] 
  • van Dijk, R. (2012). The end of a special relationship: why there was no 'Obama effect' in Dutch Afghanistan policy, 2009-2010. European Policy, 50, 185-200. [details] 


  • van Dijk, R. (2009). De actualiteit van: Konrad Adenauer (Keulen 1876-Rhöndorf bei Bonn 1967): Adenauer en Europa: heroriëntatie, verzoening, en containment. Christen democratische verkenningen, 2009(herfst), 132-136. [details] 
  • van Dijk, R. (2009). Konrad Adenauer: West-Duitser. In F. Boterman, & W. Melching (Eds.), Het wonder Bondsrepubliek in 20 portretten (pp. 16-31, 314-315). [Amsterdam]: Nieuw Amsterdam. [details] 


  • van Dijk, R. (2008). The German question in the early Cold War: is there anything left to discuss? Forschungsberichte aus dem Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam Universiteit van Amsterdam, 4, 115-126. [details] 


  • van Dijk, R. (2016). The Making of the Modern World: 1945 to the Present: Book 9: Governance and the Quest for Security. (The Making of the Modern World: 1945 to the Present ). Broomall, PA: Mason Crest Publishers.
  • van Dijk, R. (2016). Review of Robert Hutchings and Jeremi Suri, eds., “Foreign Policy Breakthroughs: Cases in Successful Diplomacy” (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015). Atlantisch Perspektief, 2016(februari).
  • van Dijk, R. (2016). ’Taking the Dutch to the Next Level’: De jaren 2003-2010 volgens Wikileaks. In D. Hellema, & G. Scott-Smith (Eds.), De Amerikaanse ambassade in Den Haag: een historische blik achter de betonnen schermen van de Amerikaans-Nederlandse betrekkingen Amsterdam: Boom.


  • van Dijk, R. (2013). 'Mr. X' doorgrond en op waarde geschat [Bespreking van: J.L. Gaddis (2011) George F. Kennan: an American life]. Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 126(3), 443-444. DOI: 10.5117/TVGESCH2013.3.B28  [details] 


  • van Dijk, R. (2012). Een diplomatieke geschiedenis [Bespreking van: K. van der Wijngaart (2011) Bondgenootschap onder spanning: Nederlands-Amerikaanse betrekkingen, 1969-1976]. Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 125(2), 296-298. [details] 
  • van Dijk, R. (2012). [Review of: M. Dennis, N. LaPorte (2011) State and minorities in communist East Germany]. Journal of Cold War Studies, 14(4), 244-246. [details] 


  • van Dijk, R. (Author). (2011). 'A mass psychotic movement washing over the country like a wave': explaining Dutch reservations about NATO’s 1979 dual-track decision. Washington: Wilson Center/Nuclear proliferation international history project. [details] 


  • van Dijk, R. (2009). [Review of: P. Ruggenthaler (2007) Stalins großer Bluff: die Geschichte der Stalin-Note in Dokumenten der sowjetischen Führung]. Contemporary Austrian Studies, 17, 345-350. [details] 


  • van Dijk, R., & Offner, A. A. (2008). Forum: Perspectives on From Roosevelt to Truman [Review of: W.D. Miscamble (2006) From Roosevelt to Truman]. Journal of Cold War Studies, 10(4), 133-137. DOI: 10.1162/jcws.2008.10.4.133  [details] 

Journal editor

  • van Dijk, Ruud (reviewer) (2016-2017): Wiley Blackwell (Publisher).

Talk / presentation

  • van Dijk, Ruud (speaker) (20-10-2016): “Foreign Relations in U.S. Presidential Elections since 1916”, Stichting Jason.
  • van Dijk, Ruud (speaker) (13-5-2016): Presentation at the seminar “United States Grand Strategy in a Populist Age.” University of Amsterdam Department of Political Science, May 13, 2016., Faculteit der Politieke en Sociaal-Culturele Wetenschappen.
  • van Dijk, Ruud (speaker) (10-5-2016): Graduiertenkolleg, “Conflict and Cooperation in Europe.”, ., Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam.
  • van Dijk, Ruud (speaker) (9-3-2016): “Een ander soort number one: Amerika en de wereld onder Obama.”, Atlantische Commissie.


  • van Dijk, Ruud (organiser) (2016): Recasting the History of Dutch Foreign Relations, 1814-2000 (organisation Ruud van Dijk, Samuël Kruizinga, Vincent Kuitenbrouwer & Rimko van der Maar), University of Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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