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De Gouden Eeuw (The Golden Age)

Project leaders


Hans Goedkoop (VPRO/NTR), Kees Zandvliet (Amsterdam Museum/UvA), Maarten Prak (UU).

For UvA:

Kees Zandvliet (Amsterdam Museum/UvA), Lia van Gemert (Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age), Garrelt Verhoeven (Special Collections UB), Illustere School UvA 

External partner(s)

Utrecht University, Leiden University, VPRO, NTR, Amsterdam Museum, Nationaal Historisch Museum, Rijksmuseum, SNS REAAL Fonds, VSBfonds, Rembrandthuis, Bijbels museum, Scheepvaartmuseum, Muiderslot

What are the opportunities for valorisation in this project?

Thematic comparison of the success formula of the Dutch Golden Age with today’s Netherlands and Belgium. Wide dissemination of knowledge through various media and for various groups: general television public, children (on their own and at school), specifically interested intellectual groups. UvA scholars and students were involved; both groups debated about the formula and the possibilities for valorization; both groups contributed products, like interviews in the tv programme, lectures, and short articles for the Golden Age Journal on the website.

Why is this project relevant for the external partner(s)?

The theme of the project (the success of the Dutch Golden Age) poses intriguing questions for today’s societies like: how did this success come about, was it an over all success, what can we learn from it. Also, there was the ambition to show the relevance of cultural heritage and places of cultural memory. The opportunity to show for instance the canals in today’s Dutch cities, the dunes at Nieuwpoort, the clothing of merchants, and to talk to descendants of military generals and rich merchants as a contribution to the debate about vivid history.

How did the collaboration come about?

The initiative was taken by the VPRO and the Amsterdam Museum. They supplied the applications for funding and involved the universities (incl. The Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age), the museums, the UvA Illustere School.

What are the results?

a.     Televison programmes (VPRO/NTR) and DVD: De Gouden Eeuw (Documentary series, 13 programmes) and Welkom in de Gouden Eeuw (for children, 13 programmes) (December 2013-March 2013) (;

b.     School tv programmes (Beeldbank, 2012-2013; 17 porgrammes) (

c.     Website: De Gouden Eeuw krant (December 2013-March 2013) (

d.     Exhibitions: Amsterdam Museum and Westfries Museum (both December 2013-March 2013) (;

e.     Book: Hans Goedkoop & Kees Zandvliet, De Gouden Eeuw. (Walburg Pers, NTR, Amsterdam Museum, 2012) (

f.      Series of lectures: De Gouden Eeuw op locatie (ACSGA in collaboration with Illustere School UvA; January-April 2013) (

g.     Face Book app (


De gouden eeuw