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Dr. J. (Jeff) Diamanti

Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities
Faculty of Humanities
Photographer: Bas Uterwijk

Visiting address
  • Spuistraat 134
  • Room number: 7.16
Postal address
  • Postbus 1642
    1000 BP Amsterdam
  • About

    Jeff Diamanti is Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities (Cultural Analysis & Philosophy) at the University of Amsterdam. In 2016-17 he was the Media@McGill Postdoctoral Fellow in Media and the Environment where he co-convened the international colloquium on Climate Realism, the results of which appear in a book collection on Routledge and a double issue of Resilience. His first book, Climate and Capital in the Age of Petroleum: Locating Terminal Landscapes (Bloomsbury 2021) tracks the political and media ecology of fossil fuels across the extractive and logistical spaces that connect remote territories like Greenland to the economies of North America and Western Europe. His new research, Bloom Ecologies details the return to natural philosophy in the marine and atmospheric sciences studying the interactive dynamics of the cryosphere and hydrosphere in the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.

    His work has appeared in the journals e-flux, Radical PhilosophyStasis, New Formations, Postmodern Culture, Mediations, Western American Literature, Krisis, and Reviews in Cultural Theory, as well a number of books including After Ice (University of British Columbia Press), Fueling Culture (Fordham UP) and A Companion to Critical and Cultural Studies (Wiley-Blackwell). Diamanti has edited a number of book and journal collections including Contemporary Marxist Theory (Bloomsbury 2014); Materialism and the Critique of Energy (MCM’ Press 2018); Energy Culture (West Virginia University Press 2019); Bloomsbury Companion to Marx (2018); and a special issue of Reviews in Cultural Theory on “Energy Humanities.” Forthcoming editorial work includes the Elemental Solarities book collection (Punctum Press) with Cymene Howe and Amelia Moore, and a special issue of Postmodern Culture on “Field Theory.” He co-directs the ASCA Political Ecologies Seminar with Joost de Bloois, and with Amanda Boetzkes, he co-organizes “At the Moraine,” an ongoing research project on the political ecology of glacial retreat in the Arctic. With Fred Carter, he co-directs the FieldARTS residency in Amsterdam, NL.

  • Website
  • Publications


    • Diamanti, J. (Accepted/In press). Carried by Currents. In Art's Realism in the Post Truth Era Edinburgh University Press.



    • Badia , L., Cetinić, M., & Diamanti, J. (2021). Introduction. In L. Badia, M. Cetinić, & J. Diamanti (Eds.), Climate Realism : The Aesthetics of Weather and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene (pp. 1-16). (Routledge Research in the Anthropocene). Routledge. [details]
    • Badia , L., Cetinić, M., & Diamanti, J. (Eds.) (2021). Climate Realism: The Aesthetics of Weather and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene. (Routledge Research in the Anthropocene). Routledge. [details]
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    • Szeman , I., & Diamanti, J. (Eds.) (2019). Energy Cultures: Art and Theory on Oil and Beyond . (Energy and Society). West Virginia University Press. [details]



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    • Diamanti, J. (2016). Energyscapes, Architecture, and the Expanded Field of Postindustrial Philosophy. Postmodern Culture , 26(2).
    • Diamanti, J., Szeman , I., Badia , L., Simpson, M., & O'Driscoll , M. (Eds.) (2016). After Oil. Morgantown, West Virginia : West Virginia University Press.



    • Diamanti, J. (2013). Postindustrialisation in the Present Tense. Stages: Journal of the Liverpool Biennial, 0, 21-24.


    • Diamanti, J., & Cetinic, M. (2012). Monumental Oil. American Book Review , 33(3), 5-29.





    • Diamanti, J., Bellinetti, G., & van den Eijnden, T. G. A. (in press). Ecoliteracies. In K. Mondal (Ed.), Staying Together (pp. 113-130). Lexington Books.


    • Carter, F., & Diamanti, J. (Eds.) (2023). Field Docket. De Balie/Sonic Acts.
    • Diamanti, J. (2023). The Petrocultural Real. In Forgotten Seas Eriskay Collection.


    • Diamanti, J. (2022). Oil’s Depth(s) of Fields. ECOES, 4, 24-37. [details]


    • Diamanti, J. (2016). Three Theses on Energy and Capital. Reviews in Cultural Theory .
    • Diamanti, J., & Bellamy , B. (2016). Envisioning the Energy Humanities. Reviews in Cultural Theory , 6(3).
    • Diamanti, J., & Bellamy , B. (2016). Envisioning the Energy Humanities: An Introduction. Reviews in Cultural Theory , 6(3).

    Prize / grant

    • Diamanti, J. (2019). Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Connection Grant.

    Talk / presentation

    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (15-12-2023). Critical. Raw. Materials: Anticipating Colonial Cartographies, Approaches to the Ecological Emergency , Barcelona .
    • Diamanti, J. (keynote speaker) (2-12-2023). Tender Violence, Groundings , Växjö.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (16-11-2023). Deictic Field Acts, American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Toronto.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (4-9-2023). Milieu Fiction and Deictic Intension, Casino Display (Gallery) .
    • Diamanti, J. (invited speaker) (16-3-2023). Bloom Ecologies, Transitional Territories, Delft.
    • Diamanti, J. (invited speaker) (16-2-2023). Brackish Inquiry: Doing Theory with the Field, University of Utrecht, Utrecht.
    • Diamanti, J. (invited speaker) (15-2-2023). Bloom Ecologies, Royal College of Art.
    • Diamanti, J. (invited speaker) (24-1-2023). Expert advisory lecture to Tropenmuseum Junior Exhibition on Climate Change, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (23-11-2022). Critical Field Theory, ASCA Summit 2022, Amsterdam.
    • Diamanti, J. (keynote speaker) (22-11-2022). Tender Violence at the Terminus of Greenland’s Ice, Archives of the Planetary Mine, Stockholm .
    • Diamanti, J. (keynote speaker) (16-11-2022). Bloom Ecologies, Deep Material Futures , Berlin.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (24-9-2022). Climate Metahistory, Urgency Intensive , Maastricht.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (22-6-2022). Can Waves Write Poems? Immanent Purposiveness and the Matter of Meaning, Art’s Realism in the Post-Truth Era, Aachen.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (13-5-2022). New Directions in Environmental Humanities Research: Agency, Energy, Alterity, National Environmental Humanities Conference, Mohamed 1st University, Oujda.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (3-12-2021). "Carried by Currents", KABK Fault Lines Symposium , Den Haag.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (9-7-2021). "Oil's Fields", Cultures, Ecologies and Economies of Oil, Southampton.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (7-7-2021). Elemental Currents in the North Atlantic, Geophilosophy Seminar with Giovanni Tusa, Lisbon.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (17-6-2021). Energy Humanities, KNAW symposium on Environmental Humanities, Amsterdam.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (3-6-2021). "Elemental Subjects of the Sea: AMOC and the Ends of the North Atlantic", FIELDWORK speaker series hosted by the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network, Edinburgh .
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (17-12-2020). “Against Liberty: Persons and Things in the Pandemic.” Co-presented with Zeynep Oguz, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje.
    • Martin, N. (speaker) & Diamanti, J. (speaker) (23-9-2020). Caring Matters Conference: Endangerment Panel, Caring Matters , Leiden.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (10-12-2019). Hydrological Transition in Greenland, Australian Anthropological Society 2019 , Canbera.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (29-10-2019). “Ecological Reciprocity.”, Dartmouth College.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (30-9-2019). “Contrapuntal Ice.”, Sandberg Instituut.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (13-9-2019). Drinking A Dead Glacier and Kant’s Kingdom of Ends, FIBRE.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (9-9-2019). “Reciprocity at the Terminal Beach.”, KU Leuven.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (12-7-2019). Masterclass on “How Climate Changes Theory", Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen.
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (29-3-2019). “Oil Barrels Between Concretion and Abstraction in Jeanne-Claude and Christo.”, Jameel Arts Centre.
    • Diamanti, J. (keynote speaker) (29-8-2018). Terminal Landscapes: Flowing Futures and the Contemporary Melt in the Petrocultural Present, Petrocultures 2018, Glasgow .
    • Diamanti, J. (keynote speaker) (10-5-2018). Between Habitus and Habitat, Energy Humanities: , Bratislava .
    • Diamanti, J. (speaker) (20-4-2018). The Future of Dependency: Shell’s Foresight and the Petrocultural Penumbra, ASCA Cities Seminar , Amsterdam .


    • Diamanti, J. (host) & Overwijk, J. L. (host) (13-4-2018). Amy De'Ath (hosting a visitor).
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