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dr. M. (Maartje) van Gelder

Early Modern History
Faculty of Humanities
Capaciteitsgroep Geschiedenis
Photographer: Greetje v/d Werf

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  • Kloveniersburgwal 48
  • Room number: D1.04A
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  • Postbus 1610
    1000 BP Amsterdam
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  • Profile


    • Associate Professor (UHD) in Early Modern History


    My work concentrates on 16th- and 17th-century Europe and the Mediterranean, with a particular interest in (Venetian) urban history and the social history of politics. My current research project investigates social unrest and popular politics in early modern Venice. The Venetian Republic has long fascinated historians as the epitome of political stability: other pre-modern states went through cycles of revolts, while Venice seemed immune to class struggles. Its ruling elite remained in power for a thousand years, until 1797. In this project I examine how hidden forms of popular protest can be uncovered. Part of this research has been published in The Journal of Modern History.

    I have a broad interest in social, economic and political history of the early modern period, with publications on a broad range of topics, including early modern trade, diplomacy, urban graffiti, Dutch renegades and converts to Islam. I co-edited a special issue of the Journal of Early Modern History on cross-confessional diplomacy in the early modern Mediterranean with Tijana Krstic (CEU):

    Curriculum vitae:

    I studied Economic and Social History at the University of Amsterdam and the Università di Ca' Foscari di Venezia. For my PhD (2007) on Dutch and Flemish merchants in early modern Venice, I spent a lot of time in the Venetian, Florentine and Vatican archives, supported by two grants from the Marie Curie programme "European Doctorate in the Social History of Europe and the Mediterranean". NWO awarded me a VENI grant in 2011 for a project on informal politics and diplomacy in early modern Venice. That year I also spent a semester as Honorary Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London. In 2013 I was Queen Wilhelmina Visiting Professor at Columbia University and Fellow at the Italian Academy of Advanced Studies in America (New York). With an Aspasia grant from NWO I am currently working on a project on Venetian protest and the politics of forgetting. In 2018-2019, I was a fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS) and, during the 2nd semester, at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

    At UvA, I am a member and former director of the Amsterdam Centre for Urban History (ACUH):


    Grants & fellowships (selection)

    • RSA - Patricia H. Labalme Fellowship (2020)
    • IAS membership (Spring 2019)
    • NIAS fellowship (Fall 2018)
    • NWO Aspasia grant (2017)
    • Conference grant, KNAW (2015)
    • Research Fellow, Italian Academy of Advanced Studies in America, New York (Fall 2013)
    • Queen Wilhelmina Visiting Professor, History Department, Columbia University in New York (Fall 2013)
    • Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck, University of London (2011)
    • NWO VENI Research grant (2011-2015)
    • Dr. Ernst Crone Research Fellowship, National Maritime Museum Amsterdam (2008-2009)
    • Travel grant Fonds Doctor Catharine van Tussenbroek (2008):
    • 2 Marie Curie Fellowships, European Doctorate in the Social History of Europe and the Mediterranean (2002-2003; 2004)
  • Publications


    • Dirven, L. (Guest ed.), & van Gelder, M. (Guest ed.) (2018). Tekens aan de wand: Graffiti en andere schrijfsels door de eeuwen heen. Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 131(1), 1-155. [details]
    • Dirven, L., & van Gelder, M. (2018). Inleiding: Graffiti van de oudheid tot heden. Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 131(1), 1-15. [details]
    • van Gelder, M. (2018). Ducal display and the contested use of space in late sixteenth-century Venetian coronation festivals. In J. R. Mulryne, K. De Jonge, R. L. M. Morris, & P. Martens (Eds.), Occasions of State: Early Modern European Festivals and the Negotiation of Power (pp. 167-195). (European Festival Studies: 1450-1700). London: Routledge. [details]
    • van Gelder, M. (2018). Graffiti in Venetië: Teksten, tekeningen en posters in een vroegmoderne Italiaanse stad. Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 131(1), 73-94. [details]
    • van Gelder, M. (2018). The People’s Prince: Popular Politics in Early Modern Venice. Journal of Modern History, 90(2), 249-291. [details]


    • van Gelder, M., Brouwer, P. A., deneweth, H., Muurling, S., & van Steensel, A. (2017). Stadsgeschiedenis in buitenlandse tijdschriften (2015). Stadsgeschiedenis, 11(2), 212-246.



    • van Gelder, M. (2013). Favouring foreign traders? The Venetian Republic and the accommodation of Netherlandish merchantsin the late 16th and 17th centuries. In U. Bosma, G. Kessler, & L. Lucassen (Eds.), Migration and membership regimes in global and historical perspective: an introduction (pp. 141-166). (Studies in global social history; No. 13). Leiden - Boston: Brill. [details]
    • van Gelder, M. (2013). Tussen Noord-Afrika en de Republiek: Nederlandse bekeerlingen tot de islam in de zeventiende eeuw. Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 126(1), 16-33. [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2011). Acquiring artistic expertise: the agent Daniel Nijs and his contacts with artists in Venice. In M. Keblusek, & B. V. Noldus (Eds.), Double agents: cultural and political brokerage in early modern Europe (pp. 111-123). (Studies in medieval and reformation traditions; No. 154). Leiden-Boston: Brill. [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2009). How to influence Venetian economic policy : collective petitions of the Netherlandish merchant community in the early seventeenth century. Mediterranean Historical Review, 24(1), 29-47. [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2008). De zeventiende-eeuwse renegaat Jan Jansz van Haarlem: intermediair tussen de christelijke en islamitische wereld. Transparant, 19(3), 4-9. [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2006). Changing tack: the versatile allegiances of Daniel Nijs, a Netherlandish merchant and information broker in early modern Venice. Dutch Crossing, 2006(2).
    • van Gelder, M. (2006). Thuis in vroegmodern Venetië: woningen en levensstijl van de Nederlandse kooplieden in de Serenissima. Incontri: rivista europea di studi italiani, 21(2), 161-173. [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2019). Stoning the Doge: Popular Aggression and Political ‘Iconoclasm’ in Early Modern Venice. In C. Swan (Ed.), Tributes to David Freedberg: Image and Insight (pp. 279-289). London : Harvey Miller Publishers. [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2013). Gaining entrance to the Venetian patriciate in the seventeenth century: The van Axel and Ghelthof families from the Low Countries. Mélanges de l'École française de Rome - Italie et Méditerranée, 125(1). [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2010). ‘Een verlochend Christen [is] een quaetsten Mahumetaen’: Nederlandse renegaten in beeldvorming en praktijk. In J. Schokkenbroek, & J. ter Brugge (Eds.), Kapers & piraten: schurken of helden? (pp. 41-43, 46-49, 52-55, 123-124). (Jaarboek Maritieme Musea Nederland; No. 2010). Rotterdam: Stichting Maritiem Museum Rotterdam [etc.]. [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2009). Trading places: the Netherlandish merchant community in early modern Venice. (Library of economic history; No. 1). Leiden: Brill. [details]
    • van Gelder, M. (2009). In liefde en werk met de Lage Landen verbonden: de Genuese koopman en literator Girolamo Conestaggio (ca. 1530 - 1616/18). In M. van Gelder, & E. Mijers (Eds.), Internationale handelsnetwerken en culturele contacten in de vroegmoderne Nederlanden (pp. 43-54). (Publicaties van de Vlaams-Nederlandse Vereniging voor Nieuwe Geschiedenis; No. 8). Maastricht: Shaker. [details]
    • van Gelder, M., & Mijers, E. (2009). Internationale handelsnetwerken en culturele contacten in de vroegmoderne Nederlanden. (Publicaties van de Vlaams-Nederlandse Vereniging voor Nieuwe Geschiedenis; No. 8). Maastricht: Shaker. [details]
    • van Gelder, M., & Mijers, E. (2009). Inleiding. In M. van Gelder, & E. Mijers (Eds.), Internationale handelsnetwerken en culturele contacten in de vroegmoderne Nederlanden (pp. 3-7). (Publicaties van de Vlaams-Nederlandse Vereniging voor Nieuwe Geschiedenis; No. 8). Maastricht: Shaker. [details]


    • van Gelder, M. (2007). Daniel Nijs. In L. Borean, & S. Mason (Eds.), Il collezionismo d’arte a Venezia. - Il Seicento (pp. 295-296). Venezia: Marsilio.
    • van Gelder, M. (2007). Giovanni Reynst. In L. Borean, & S. Mason (Eds.), Il collezionismo d’arte a Venezia. - Il Seicento (pp. 304). Venezia: Marsilio.
    • van Gelder, M. (2007). Luca van Uffel. In L. Borean, & S. Mason (Eds.), Il collezionismo d’arte a Venezia. - Il Seicento (pp. 320-321). Venezia: Marsilio.


    • van Gelder, M. (2015-2017). member Scientific Advisory Board, Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut te Rome.


    • Noordegraaf, J. J. (organiser), Rasterhoff, C. (organiser), Nijboer, H. T. (member of programme committee), van Gemert, E. M. P. (member of programme committee), Bod, L. W. M. (member of programme committee), Kamps, J. (member of programme committee), … van Gelder, M. (member of programme committee) (28-10-2016 - 29-10-2016). Creativity and the City 1600-2000: An E-Humanities Perspective, Amsterdam. This international and interdisciplinary conference on the history of creativity and the city aims to bring together recent research in the fields of (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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