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Ms S.F. (Sanne) Klaver MA

Faculty of Humanities
Photographer: Greetje van der Werf

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  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
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  • Turfdraagsterpad 9
    1012 XT Amsterdam
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    Als studieadviseur bij het onderwijscluster Kunst- en cultuurwetenschappen ben ik beschikbaar voor studentenbegeleiding.

    Studenten kunnen contact opnemen bij:

    • persoonlijke omstandigheden die invloed hebben op de studievoortgang en studieresultaten.
    • functiebeperking (bijvoorbeeld dyslexie, A(D)HD) die invloed heeft op de studievoortgang en studieresultaten.
    • het bespreken van studievaardigheden (planning, efficiënt studeren).
    • het bespreken van studievoortgang en studieresultaten.

    Om een afspraak in te plannen: > [opleiding] > contact > studieadviseur(s)

    Niet aanwezig op woensdagen.

    Study Adviser

    As study adviser of the Art and Culture programmes and the masters Literary studies, I am available for students who need support, guidance, and information during their studies.

    Students of the aformentioned programmes are welcome to contact me for

    • Guidance if personal circumstances are impacting your academic performances
    • Counselling support when making decisions
    • Advice about planning your studies, especially in case of study delay

    To schedule an appointment:  > [choose your programme] > Contact > Study advisor

    Out of the office on Wednesdays.


    Ancillary activities

    PhD Researcher Ancient History. Research: Women in Roman Syria: the cases of Dura-Europos, Palmyra, and Seleucia on the Euphrates

    My research aims to provide new insights in the changing social and public life of women of the provincial and civic elites in Syrian cities under Roman rule during the first three centuries CE. Central to this research are their public self-representation, their functioning as, for example, priestesses and benefactresses, and their role in the social networks of their cities, families and tribes. To analyse the position of Syrian women and the way this changed under Roman rule I opt for an interdisciplinary approach, combining inscriptions and pictorial sources (paintings, mosaics, honorary and funerary sculptures). Central to this study is the quest for Roman, Greek and local cultural influences on the public (self-)representation, functions and social roles of the women from the local elites. account

  • Publications


    • Klaver, S. (2016). Dress and identity in the Syrian-Mesopotamian region: The case of the women of Dura-Europos. ARAM periodical, 28(1-2), 375-391. [details]



    • Klaver, S. F. (2019). Women in Roman Syria: The cases of Dura-Europos, Palmyra, and Seleucia on the Euphrates. [details]
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  • Ancillary activities
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