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ASH integrates a variety of (inter)disciplinary perspectives, including history, history of art, literature and religious studies. It encourages collaborations between scholars along thematic lines (e.g. Religion, the City, Conflict), geographical focus (e.g. Mediterranean History,  American Studies, Modern Germany) and in terms of period (e.g. Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Early Modern and Modern History).

Research Groups

Members of ASH work together in research groups to initiate, foster and develop common research interests within and outside the faculty. Find out more about the research groups that are currently active via the link below. 

Check out our research groups


In 2018, ASH members published more than 175 books, book chapters or peer-reviewed articles. Many of these were published with leading international presses or high-ranking refereed journals.

Funded research

Members of ASH are also involved in funded research projects. Check out these projects here.


ASH brings together a large community of researchers working at the UvA Faculty of Humanities.