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The issues of discrimination and racism are more than ever at the heart of today’s debates in Europe, America and Africa since the killing of Georges Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis. The conference 'Decolonising the Memories of Enslavement' of the Université des Antilles and Le Mans Université at Schoelcher, Martinique on 7-9 December 2021, invites contributors to envision this collective rise of humanity through the lenses of literary, artistic and sociocultural creations which will be explored in order to reconsider memorial spaces and the representations of traumatic sites.

The conference proposes to address how the memories of slavery in literature and the arts should be expressed and represented differently in the present day in order to decolonise minds and mentalities. Paper proposals will address the possibilities of reinventing enslavement narratives through literary and artistic productions, but also the power of commemorations following the adoption of the Taubira law (May 23rd, 2001) which officially declared both the slave trade and enslavement as “crimes against humanity”.

The deadline for the call for proposals is 30 March 2021.

AHM academic director Prof. Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes is member of the scientific committee of the conference.