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The Global Digital Cultures offers regular research seminars in which work-in-progress papers from junior and senior researchers at the UvA are discussed. The monthly GDC research seminars are aimed at discussing work-in-progress on global digital cultures. During each of these seminars, we will discuss two draft texts, seeking to include a dialogue between senior and junior scholars. As usual, we will discuss two work-in-progress texts by UvA colleagues. These sessions feature research on global digital cultures from a wide variety of scholarly disciplines, theoretical perspectives, and methodological approaches. During each of these events, we will discuss two draft texts, seeking to include a mix of senior and junior scholars.

The first text is by Zeng GuohuaJeroen de Kloet, and Thomas Poell, and is titled "Obfuscated transcripts: Analyzing contentious interactions on WeChat in China". The text examines everyday forms of contentious communication channeled through WeChat in China: how this communication is entwined with other daily communicative practices, how it takes shape within the Chinese censorship system, and how it potentially may affect public political discourse at large.

The second text we will discuss is an introduction to a special issue by Rocco BellanovaHelena Carrapico, and Denis Duez titled “Digital/Sovereignty and European Security Integration. An Introduction". Its core argument is that digital sovereignty has both direct and indirect implications for European security; concerning not only the AFSJ and the Common Security and Defence Policy, but also new domains such as public health and cybersecurity.

Following registration, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the texts. We would like to ask you to read these texts in advance to ensure a smooth and rich discussion and to kindly refrain from sharing them publicly, as they include work in progress. 

The discussion will be followed by drinks!

If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail at If you are interested in presenting a work-in-progress paper in the GDC research seminar series, please fill out the form below.