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The Pulse Network of Medical and Health Studies is happy to announce its upcoming Pulse Seminar Series.

Welcome to the 2023/4 Pulse Seminar Series, which takes place on the final Thursday of each month during term time, 15:30-17:00 in E1.02 at Bushuis (Klovenierburgwal 48, 1012CX Amsterdam). 

In collaboration with Amsterdam School of Historical Studies, the Pulse Network will showcase the very best Medical and Health History and Humanities scholarship at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and beyond. Each month will centre on a single theme and feature two presentations from national and international speakers. 

The programme for the first semester

28 September


Co-hosted with Critical Health Humanities, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Chaired by Leni Van Goidsenhoven (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

  •  Eline Pollaert and Floris Plak (Open Universiteit and Vrije Universiteit)
    ‘"To create a beginning, where first there was an end." Stigma and Het Dorp, a residential area for people with physical disabilities in Arnhem, the Netherlands’
  • Irene Geerts (Open Universiteit)
    ‘Anonymous - Allied - Assertive. Stigma and the origins of the Dutch family movement in mental health, 1960-1985' 
26 October


  •  Rebecca Wynter (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    'The case of the brick: police corruption and mental illness in 1960s London'
  • James Kennaway (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
    'Enchanted technology: mind control and sound in conspiracy theory'
30 November


  • Bram Mellink & Jesse van Amelsvoort (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    ‘Distorted transmission. AIDS, minority stress and understanding Dutch (male) homosexual minorities’ collective past’
  • Emma Day (University of Oxford)
    ‘In her hands: women's fight against AIDS in the United States’
21 December BORREL
25 January


Co-hosted with Environment and Society, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Chaired by Peter van Dam 
(Universiteit van Amsterdam)

  • Lisa Haushofer (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    ‘The nineteenth-century origins of processed foods’
  • Ashok Malhotra (Queen’s University, Belfast)
    'Laboratory surveillance: dietary experiments on rats in British India, 1925-27'