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Classical (con)texts

Classical (con)texts


Prof. Irene de Jong

Members of the research group

dr. S. Adema
dr. M.P. de Bakker
drs. S. Borowski (PhD)
A. van den Eersten MA (PhD)
dr. P.S. Gerbrandy
dr. L. van Gils
dr. M.A.J. Heerink
drs. G. Helle (PhD)
prof.dr. E.A. Hemelrijk
prof.dr. J.W. van Henten
prof.dr. I.J.F. de Jong
prof. dr. C. Kroon
drs. S. Luger
dr. D. Rijser
dr. R. Risselada
dr. J.A. van Waarden (guest researcher)

External Members:

dr. R. Allan (VU)
prof. dr. R. Kirstein (Univ Tübingen)
prof. dr. K. de Temmerman (Univ. Gent)
dr. E. van Opstall (VU)
prof. dr. W. Verbaal (Univ. Gent)
Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (München)

Brief description of the research programme of the research group

The research-group Classical (con)texts focuses on two themes:

  1. ancient narrative texts (interpreted with narratological, linguistic, intertextual, and metapoetical theories), and
  2. the relation between  classical texts and their (shifting) cultural contexts (interpreted with reception theory and New Historicism).

Members of the research group work together closely with colleagues from the VU and most are active in OIKOS.

Recent research activities

- We successfully launched our research seminar ‘Amsterdam Classics seminar’ with lectures in  December 2016 by prof. I. Nilsson (Uppsala university) and March 2017 by prof. A. Cooley (Warwick University). 
- C. Kroon and R. Risselada organized the international workshop on Latin linguistics in collaboration with the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae in Munich, 24-28 April 2-17 (130 participants). 
- I. de Jong and C. Kroon are two of the 10 (main)applicants of the OIKOS Gravitation grant ‘Anchoring Innovation’ which was awarded to OIKOS in 2017.
- Two theses were successfully defended:   9 December 2016 B. Van den Bergh (promotor I. de Jong),   24 January S. Willigers (promotor I. de Jong)

Some publications:

S. Adema

- Speech and thought in Latin war narrative, Leiden Brill 2017
- 'Encouraging Troops, Persuading Narratees: Pre-Battle Exhortations in Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum as a Narrative Device', in: V. Liotsakis and S. Farrrington (eds.) The Art of History. Literary Perspectives on Greek and Roman Historiography, 2016, 219-240.
-  'Tekenen met woorden.(Didactische rubriek)', Lampas49 (3) 2016.
- Adema, S.M. & Gils, L.W. van 'In Situ: Wetenschap in de klas via' Lampas, 49 (2), 2016, 185-190.

M. de Bakker

- ‘Authorial Comments in Thucydides’, in R. K. Balot, S. Forsdyke, & E. Forsdyke (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Thucydides, Oxford University Press 2017

P. Gerbrandy

- De bekering van Ovidius: Plezier en ernst in 'De vetula' (ca. 1250). Madoc30, 2016, 136-143.  
- De macht der verbeelding: De Slag bij Hastings (1066) in contemporaine poëzie. Lampas49, 2016, 365-377.  
- Frons tua candida nix: Beschrijvingen van vrouwen in de Latijnse literatuur van de twaalfde en dertiende eeuw. Lampas49, 2016, 297-310.  

M. Heerink

- Valerius Flaccus' tempel van Sol als inversie van de Aeneis", Lampas 49, 2016, 266-279.
-"Horatius' Oden en de Romeinse liefdeselegie", Lampas 49, 2016, 110-129.
-"Virgil, Lucan, and the Meaning of Civil War in Valerius Flaccus' Argon​autica", Mnemosyne 69, 2016, 511-25.

E. Hemelrijk

- Women’s daily life in the Roman West. In S. L. Budin, & J. M. Turfa (Eds.), Women in Antiquity: Real Women Across the Ancient World,  2016, 895-904.

J.W. van Henten

- ‘Herod the Great in Josephus’, in H. Chapman, & Z. Rodgers (Eds.), A Companion to Josephus, 2016, 235-246.
- Masada World Heritage Site: Josephus the Narrator Defeated,  In J. Baden, H. Najman, & E. Tigchelaar (Eds.), Sibyls, Scriptures, and Scrolls: John Collins at seventy,  2016 , 1330-1346.

I. de Jong

- Narratologia dei classici: Teoria e prassi narratologiche applicate agli autori greci e latini, transl. A. Cucchiarelli, Carocco Editore, Roma 2017 .
- ‘Homer the First Tragedian’, Greece and Rome63, 2016, 149-62.
- R.J. Allan, I.J.F. de Jong, C.C. de Jonge, ‘From Enargeiato Immersion: the Ancient Roots of a Modern Concept’, Style 51, 2017, 34-51.
- R. Artz, A. van den Bergh, I. de Jong,Electra. Een tragedie van Euripides, Houten, Hermaion 2016).

C. Kroon

- Textual deixis and the ‘anchoring’ use of the Latin pronoun hicMnemosyne  70, 2017, 585-612.

D. Rijser

-Een telkens nieuwe Oudheid. Of: Hoe Tiberius in New Jersey belandde, Amsterdam AUP 2016.
- Kijken en zien: Het structurele belang van Juno's tempel in Carthago. Lampas49, 2016, 252-265. 

Agenda for 2017-18

I. de Jong and M. de Bakker organize a two day conference on ‘Speech in Ancient Greek Narrative, 31 August-1 September in Amsterdam (20 participants; funded by the KNAW).

C. Kroon organizes an international workshop on The Language of Literature in Katwijk, 17-18 november 2017.

Most members of the group actively participate in the  program of the Dutch national research School for Classics OIKOS, which organizes some 8 activities each year (see

During the first semester of the academic year 2017-18 Rafael de Almeida Semedo, a postgraduate student from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, will be a visiting scholar, funded by FAPESP, to work  under the supervision of Professor Irene J.F. de Jong on his Research Project entitled “Od. XI, 363-9: Truth and Lies in Alcinous’ Reception of the Apólogoi” (Process n. 2016/05138-9).


Virtually all members of the group perform acts of valorization such as writing in  Dutch daily papers and periodicals, writing schoolbooks and giving lectures for teachers (nascholing), or giving public lectures for a larger audience.